Solaris Resorts Management


    General Manager

    Brave and objective, firmly believes in success. He considers that hard work leads to the desired goal. Permanent business ideas contribute to the high positioning of the hotel. He believes in his team with which he gains business success with joint forces.

  • NINA STAMENIĆ, an economist

    Resident manager

    Energetic, persistent and honest. She was the Lady of the year in 2018. She often points out that everything is a matter of good organization. She is a great advocate of team work and she attributes her success to the whole hotel team. She immensely believes in love forever and she is a proud wife and mother. She enjoys being with her children. We know her after her energy, perseverance, persistence and always being ready and motivated for new challenges and professional endeavors.


    Financial manager

    She has been a member of the hotel Solaris Resorts team since January 2015. The will for improvement and new challenges is something that maintains her own personal development, as a combination of acquiring new knowledge, curiosity and perseverance. The relationship with people, both in life and work, is based primarily on trust and thus she strives to build business relationship with all associates. Her life motto is: A success belongs only to those who are willing to work more than others.


    Head of Marketing and Sales

    She has been in tourism for 13 years, and since 2017 she has been a member of the Solaris Resorts team. She thinks that success does not come from a state of rest, but through continuous work and improvement. She finds inspiration and motivation in her family. In business and life she is lead by the motto: When you want something – you find the way, when you don’t want something – you find an excuse.


    Head of reception

    She graduated at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Novi Sad, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management. She has been applying and improving her faculty knowledge as a hotel manager for 10 years, being a member of the hotel Solaris since 2013. She performs the duties of the head of reception following the team that makes each guest feels comfortable from the very entrance to the hotel. Lifestyle: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.


    Food and beverage sector manager

    Since 2013, he has been a member of the Solaris team as a receptionist. Soon he headed for the upward path and was appointed as a food and beverage sector manager. With his abilities, commitment and dedication, he participated in the development of the hotel Solaris Resorts and the whole company. His attitudes and goals are clearly defined emphasizing his ability to make important decisions and support them.


    Head of the playroom

    An eternal child in the body of an adult. She is in love with her job and she likes to say that she is the manager of the most beautiful sector at Solaris Resorts. Workaholic, optimist and empathetic, loves horses, good music and movies.