FC Vozdovac has chosen a unique ambience in Vrnjacka Banja for this year’s preparations – the Solaris Resorts hotel.

Captain Nikolic’s statement, just before leaving for Vrnjačka Banja, was that the team is young and feels great energy, as well as that everyone in the team is ready to use the preparations for both personal and team progress. The arrival in Vrnjacka Banja and the Solaris Hotel is very pleasing to them, because after a long time they are preparing in their country, and not abroad – which was confirmed by all the players and the professional staff. We are very glad that the Dragons are very satisfied with the choice of accommodation and are full of positive comments for our hotel, which can be confirmed by numerous videos on their social networks and the impression of coach Damjanovic Jovan: “The accommodation is phenomenal, we are very satisfied”, which makes us very proud.

The preparations started with a relaxation by our pools with coffee, from where they also started hard and exhausting trainings. Although they have very hard trainings, the football players use their free time to walk through the beautiful center of Vrnjacka Banja, and along the way to summarize their impressions from the training.

Since they give their maximum in trainings and matches, the professional staff gave their team a little respite. The FC Vozdovac team used their free in the afternoon to enjoy our beautiful pools, and some of them also visited our most prestigious wellness center. We are sure that the team was very satisfied managing to relax and enjoy at least a little.

The young, ambitious Dragons will stay at the Solaris Hotel from July 6 to 17, where they will prepare for the upcoming season. We, as good hosts, did our best to follow the needs of this wonderful young team, and we hope that they will grab the trophy straight from our hotel.