Hedonists, gourmets, food lovers, who also like to prepare something nice for themselves and their family, are often looking for a good recipe.

Contemporary technologies have directed us from recipes from chefs in printed form to instagram profiles of food bloggers, who are an inexhaustible source of recipes for the perfect bite.

Hotel Solaris strives always to prepare new and unforgettable experiences for its guests that they will experience during a vacation in Solaris. On that occasion, we are organizing a Food blog weekend from June 12 to 14, where guests will have fun in an interesting way with an attractive and different food, try something new and bring home new and useful knowledge about food preparation.

In certain segments, guests will be able to participate in the preparation of snacks that will be on offer that day, and which will be prepared by already well-known names in the world of gastro-blogger scenes: Kristina Dobrojević (@nismo_kod_kuce), Taca Miletić (@mytastypot), Sara Petrovic (@saratluk), Milica Djordjevic (@onelightshot), Bojan Stanimirović (@prokuvaj), Katarina Stojković (@veselizalogaji).

The main goal of this gathering is to connect people and ideas, to exchange culinary skills and socializing in a good atmosphere with delicious snacks.

We hope that this gathering will become a traditional gathering of food bloggers in Vrnjacka Banja, where everyone will get the impression that cooking is not an obligation but a pleasure.