On Saturday, August 24, there was a book promotion of two journalists, writers, and above all wonderful friends – Vesna Dedic and Ivana Djordjevic.

Vesna introduced everyone in the story of her 4 heroines who are witty, passionate, in love and ambitious and strive to make the future, rather than the past, a more beautiful part of life, while Ivana plays, in a humorous, provocative and satirical way, with a male-female relations in his first book, “Neka mnogo BITNA.”

After the promotion, Vesna and Ivana enjoyed signing the books and having a nice conversation with their dear readers.

The promotion of our dear Vesna Dedic’s book has traditionally been held every year in the last week of August. We believe that, starting from this one, every next year will be reserved for the common literary nights of beautiful Ivana and Vesna.