Hotel Solaris Resorts hosted the conference and presentation of the manifestation “Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe “on Friday 07 June.

Vrnjacka Banja, as the winner in 2018, will be the host city and on that occasion a meeting of representatives of 20 Embassies of Europe, Israel and Australia, as well as representatives of the cities and municipalities took place, being a part of the program “Serbia in the Rhythm of Evriope”.

After the delegation meeting, all guests had the opportunity to walk the most beautiful Vrnjacka Banja park, and then they visited the beautiful garden and pools of our hotel. In Solaris Resorts they enjoyed the music and lunch until late in the evening, and left with positive impressions.

“Serbia in the Rhythm of Europe” will be broadcast on PRVA TV, on 22 June. Let the best win!