The Solaris Hotel was today embellished by the arrival of toddlers from the Preschool Institution Radost from Vrnjacka Banja and Vrnjci.

Preschoolers visited the hotel as part of the project “Where Do Our Parents Work?”, accompanied by the educators Dragan Rajkovic, Sanja Aleksic and Sanja Stevanovic.

On a beautiful sunny day, the children walked through the garden. Then they went to a wellness center where they were delighted by the cold room covered with snow, as well as the salt room where the little ones touched the walls to make sure they are really salty. They were delighted by the children’s playroom, where they spent most of the time playing with loads of interesting games and toys. After a long walk and play, they visited the restaurant, enjoyed the Solaris juices and the delicious colorful pancakes prepared by our pastry cook in the most loving way.

With lots of smiles and interesting comments, we said them goodbye hoping that one of them would become our colleague when they grow up.