Hotel Solaris Resorts has, in its offer, a unique Sports Paradise package. The package implies accommodation in luxury suites, VIP guest status and the treatment with inedible wild apples elixir, under the supervision of doctor Života Nikolić.

If you have problems with sports injuries, this elixir is ideal for you! Wild apple elixir reduces injury swellings and eliminates the pain as well as other chronic pain. It can be used preventively.

In addition to the treatment, hotel Solaris offers luxurious accommodation as well as VIP guest status. There is unlimited use of the most exclusive wellness center that extends to 1,000 square meters as well as two outdoor swimming pools, one of which is bio-design that resembles distant shores of Seychelles and a pool with a water bar.

Mr. Nikolić’s client list and the list of wild apple products users is more than impressive: Novak Djoković, Kevin Durant, Kylan Mbappe, Neymar, Filip Krajinović, Ivana Španović, Asmir Kolašinac…

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Wild apple is inedible fruit that has been used in the past for the treatment of many diseases. The wild apple elixir was discovered in 2012 when Života Nikolić visited his hometown near Vrnjačka Banja.

Thanks to the large number of amino acids, the product prevents the raise of blood pressure and cholesterol in blood, it reacts anesthetically because it prevents pain when it comes to dentistry.


At the age of 25, he left the village of Podunavci, where he was born and went to the world. He spent 42 years in America. He was involved in hotel industry and construction business. He devoted himself to studying the properties of wild fruits and the production of products used by our well-known sportsmen for removing sport injuries swellings.


The program is designed as a form of injury treatment and as a rest in Solaris Resorts Hotel, where guests benefit a VIP status.

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