Menu Solaris 2020

Love often motivates, inspires and appears as a topic of the most beautiful art works as well as a driving force in our day-to-day lives.

It is a journey that starts with the word “forever”, and when it is true and honest, indeed it never ends. For love as well as for food the recipe is always the same, yet each love is a love of its own and each dish with the same recipe is different when it is prepared by another chef.

Although our chefs prepare their dishes differently, marrying the flavours harmoniously, they still have something in common – love, which is the reason they have come to Vrnjacka Banja.

Our chefs, Jean Marc Labbe, from faraway France and Fabian Agusti Lopez Corone, from, even farther Mexico have been brought to Vrnjacka Banja by the love for their loved ones, and you will come again to Solaris Resorts because of their food.

The people who live for love have entwined love in their dishes.

Taste it, it’s never enough of love!


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Menu Solaris 2020

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